My problem is that I see few limits with WordPress

One of the biggest problems I have with WordPress is one of visualization and the amount of opportunity it provides. Repeatedly, I have people come to me and present me with web development problems and ideas and every time, in my head, I balance the problems against my total knowledge of WordPress and usually, within 30 minutes or less I can visualize the solution using WordPress. I don’t want to come across as some sort of WordPress fanboy, but the truth is that I’m continuously impressed and even amazed at how flexible a product WordPress is and how it can be used for so many applications.

Let me give you an example, this week I’m heading over to the headquarters of an well-known international organization (it is so big and important that I’m sure you know of it and at this very moment could find it in the news.) I’ve been hired to do a small job for them. The job is only worth a couple hundred dollars, but for me, the value it adds to my portfolio as a developer is immense since I’ll forevermore be able to say this organization was my client. First, I’ll tell you a little about the job, about what it means to me and how it all relates to pushing the limits of WordPress. Read more

One pot of tea to look forward to

Recently, a lot of talk about driverless cars is exciting people around the internet. Including me. Of all the science fiction fantasy things that people dream about, that is one I’m sure I will see in my lifetime — and it is certainly one to be excited about. The thought of turning my seat around to relax and ignore the outside world while enjoying cup a tea with friends or family during our drive is astounding. Cars, and the future will be vastly different then our own experience now.

I’m at the age were the science and technology of the future is perhaps easier to see, understand and predict. There will be breakthroughs, but we won’t get faster-than-light travel, jetpacks, laser guns (though they might possible, just not ethical because of how lasers injure people – this has been dealt with in the Geneva Convention), or flying cars. We will see, however, self-driving cars. Say goodbye to George Jetson, because the automobile is going to go full auto and I can only hope that I live long enough to live in a city for a few years to truly enjoy the freedom and luxury that they will provide. Read more

The failed state of tea

Last month, Foreign Policy magazine published the 2012 Failed States Index. This is an indexed list, created annually by the Fund for Peace and published by Foreign Policy magazine. While there is some controversy surrounding the index, it does stand as an annual metric or scorecard about the current state of the world, and the individual nations that inhabit it.

When we think about Failed States, we think about widespread political and industrial corruption, unrestrained crime, individual suppression, class coercion, and stomach-wrenching poverty. The Failed States Index can make for depressing reading. However, the next time you have a cup of tea, I want you to think about Failed States. Why? Because two of the world’s largest producers of tea is listed in the Index. Not only are these major tea producing nations in that list, they are both in the top 30. I’ll tell you which nations they are below.

The next time you have a cup of tea, just remember that the contents of your cup might have been sent to you straight from Hell. Read more

What does it take to start an awesome new blog?

I’ve decided that I want to start a new blog for myself. I’ve never done this before because I’m a rather private person and have always kept my online presence small and tightly controlled. That’s not going to change, I’m just looking to create a place to share some of my ideas.

That I don’t actually have a blog of my own is actually a little strange. After all, I designed the concept, built and maintain the infrastructure of the world’s first tea-related blog network. Every day, with Jackie I nurture it, clean out the corners and polish the brass. A couple years, ago, before Tea Trade was started, I created a community around Leafbox Tea. That is where Tea Trade originally got its roots, as a tea blog. To say I know a thing or two about blogs and blogging might be an understatement. With Leafbox Tea, Jackie and I built a community of people and tea lovers. My goal was to create a tea blog that featured fascinating articles, opinions and connected tea with music, art and literature in a real, tangible and palatable way. And you know what? It worked.

But we moved on to create Tea Trade, and you know what? It works too. The things I wanted for it are happening and more, which makes me happy. What makes me unhappy, is that since we started Tea Trade, I haven’t written a single article for Leafbox Tea, and there was some pretty cutting-edge stuff there that I had to say about tea. These days I spend more time tinkering than I do pondering, and there must be something unhealthy about that.

So this is my new blog. Yes, its a tea blog, but it may evolve into something more than that since I have a very wide range of interests that I like to explore but don’t always get too in the business of daily life. If I find that I spend to much time straying away from tea, I’ll disconnect it from Tea Trade and find other ways to share it.

Why does it look so plain?

It looks plain because I’ve been eyeing this theme up for years looking for an excuse to use it. I always hoped that one of the bloggers on Tea Trade would pick it, but no one did so I have to do it myself. It’s cool and it suits me because it is plain and simple. Besides, the way the home page is displayed really forces me to use my creativity to come up with interesting headlines to you to read my stuff.

What’s with the domain name?

As for that domain name, Prometheus Fire has been my online alias in a lot of places for over about 15-20 years (has the internet been around that long?). It all started out with gaming and stuck, I kept using it over and over again. Of course, that all started with high school mythology class when we learned about Prometheus’ gift to man. Seems like something classic that clearly stands the test of time that I can use forever.